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Frobisher Morphs
Biological type: Shapeshifters
Place of origin: Xenon
Notable individuals: Frobisher, Francine
Appearances: See Frobisher - list of appearances

Whifferdill were a shape-changing species from the planet Xenon. (COMIC: Voyager) Their real form was a humanoid, pale yellow in colour with a round, featureless head.

Frobisher, the Whifferdill companion to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, referred to his species as "the scourge of the galaxy" and "public parasite number one". (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

A Whifferdill's shape-changing abilities could be impaired if they were infected with mono-morphia. (COMIC: Genesis!) They were related to Kymbra Chimeras, another shape-shifting species. (COMIC: Changes)

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