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Whizz Kid
Whizz kid
Appearance: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Main actor: Gian Sammarco
Whizz Kid was a young boy who claimed to be the biggest fan of the Psychic Circus and had a large collection of souvenirs relating to it, although he had never actually seen them perform.

He had travelled across half the Southern Nebula, along with his trusty red BMX bike, just to see them on Segonax. He first met the Stallslady and asked her for directions. She gave them to him and was pleased that he was not another hippy. He was persuaded into the ring by Captain Cook, who tried to save his own hide for just a little bit longer by taking advantage of the youngster's admiration for him.

It is not shown how Whizz Kid failed to entertain the Gods of Ragnarok, but he was quickly reduced to ashes after having entered the ring, with only his twisted and melted blue-framed spectacles left.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Whizz Kid was a parody of anal-retentive, obsessive fans.[1]

Footnotes Edit

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