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Who is Dr Who?
Who is Dr Who CD
Artist: Various
Type: Compilation
Publisher: RPM
Format: CD
For the in-universe website formerly known as "Who is Doctor Who?", please see Defending the Earth!

Who is Dr Who? was a compilation CD comprising a variety of novelty and themed songs from the 1960s through to the 1970s of Doctor Who themed music and music from the theatrical movies.

Track list Edit

Track listing:

  1. Doctor Who (Original Theme) - BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  2. Dr. Who — Eric Winstone and his Orchestra
  3. I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek - The Go Go's
  4. Landing Of The Daleks (Original version) - The Earthlings
  5. March Of The Robots - The Earthlings
  6. Dance Of The Daleks - Jack Dorsey and Orchestra
  7. Who's Who - Roberta Tovey with Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Lockyer
  8. Not So Old - Roberta Tovey with Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Lockyer
  9. The Eccentric Dr. Who - Malcolm Lockyer Orchestra
  10. Daleks and Thals - Malcolm Lockyer Orchestra
  11. Fugue For Thought - Bill McGuffie
  12. Who's Dr Who? - Frazer Hines
  13. Punch and Judy Man - Frazer Hines
  14. Who is the Doctor - Jon Pertwee
  15. Pure Mystery - Jon Pertwee
  16. Dr. Who - Don Harper's Homo Electronicus
  17. Landing Of The Daleks (broadcast version with scrambled morse code message) - The Earthlings
  18. Time Traveller (previously unreleased) - Frazer Hines

Notes Edit

  • While the cover is titled "Who is Dr Who" the spine is "Who is Dr Who?"

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