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Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia.

One of its features included Who On Earth, a series of features looking at the history of Earth and the Doctor's influence in it.

Magazine pages Edit

Part 1: Earth Born (Distant past)

Find out about Earth's origins and the Doctor's involvement in them.

Part 2: Alien Gods (BC)

Discover how creatures from other worlds influenced early Earth.

Part 3: Meddlers in Time! (BC)

Find out how Earth has been influenced by alien intervention...

Part 4: Great Encounters (BC - 1st century)

Find out which ancient heroes the Doctor has met...

Part 5: The Romans (62 - 118)

Read about alien involvement during the Roman era.

Part 6: Stolen Artefacts (243 - 943)

The Doctor and other aliens keep coming to Earth

Part 7: History Makers (1066 - 12th century)

Learn more of Earth's history and interventions from aliens.

Part 8: Mighty Rulers (1215 - 15th century)

The Doctor meets the good and the bad of the late Middle Ages.

Part 9: Aztecs and Aliens (15th century - 1559)

Follow the Doctor's country-hopping in the Renaissance...

Part 10: Liz One (1560s - 1590s)

The Doctor just keeps bumping into Elizabeth I.

Part 11: Great War (1600s - 1650s)

Read about the Doctor's adventures on 17th century Earth...

Part 12: Slaves and Masters (1666 - 1746)

Who would have thought that the Doctor was a twisted fire starter?

Part 13: Madame de Pompadour (1752 - 1780s)

The Doctor kept weaving in and out of the life of one French courtesan.

Part 14: French Revolution (1788 - 1840s)

The Doctor dips in and out of a turbulent time in history...

Part 15: Time of War (1851 - 1866)

The era of big dresses and big threats to Earth!

Part 16: Famous Faces (1869 - 1885)

The Doctor meets both Dickens and Queen Victoria, among others...

Part 17: Art and Music (1885 - 1900)

The Doctor's adventures on Earth lead him to Vincent van Gogh.

Part 18: Brink of War (1900s - 1913)

The Doctor's adventures in the years just before the First World War.

Part 19: Crime Buster

The Doctor faces a number of mysteries in the early 20th century.

Part 20: Daleks and Yeti

The 1930s were a dangerous time on Earth!

Part 21: World at War (1940s - 1950)

Read about the Doctor's exploits during World War Two

Part 22: Genocide (1953 - 1963)

The 1950s and '60s were a crucial time for Earth – and the Doctor!

Part 23: Dalek Chase (November 1963 - 1968)

The 1960s were as deadly as they were swinging...

Part 24: Awakening Evil (1968July 1969)

In 1969 humanity decided to go to the Moon. Or did it?

Part 25: The UNIT Years (1966 - 1973)

Open the top-secret file on UNIT's dating controversy.

Part 26: Travels with Tegan (1980 - 1984)

The Fourth Doctor picks up an outspoken new companion...

Part 27: Cyber Plans 1984 - 1989

The 1980s were a dangerous time to be alive...

Part 28: New Companions 1995 - March 2005

The nineties and noughties were busy times for the Doctor...

Part 29: World's End

2006 was the year in which everything changed for Earth.

Part 30: Wanted Aliens

2008 was a year of relentless alien invasion...

Part 31: Raising Aliens

Adipose, Daleks, Stingrays and the Master – all in one year!

Part 32: Changing History

The Eleventh Doctor's adventures on Earth begin.

Part 34: Space Pioneers (2040 AD – 2089 AD)

The present becomes the future in the Doctor's world.

Part 35: Dalek Invasions (c. 2100 AD – 2493 AD)

The invaders from Mars turn their eye stalks towards Earth...

Part 36: Ice and Fire (2526 AD – c.5000)

Earth endures ages of ice and times of fire.

Part 37: Earth Empires (5123 AD – 200,100 AD)

Discover the future of humanity.

Part 38: Earth Death (500,000 AD – 5,000,000,053 AD)

Our history of the world comes to an end...

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