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Wicket keeping at Cranleigh

Wicket-keeping at Cranleigh Hall (TV: Black Orchid)

A wicket-keeper or wicket keeper was a fielder in cricket who stood behind the wicket in the hopes of catching any balls that nicked the edge of the cricket bat. (PROSE: Goth Opera) He or she was immediately recognisable not only from their position, but by their equipment. They were always the only person on the fielding side to wear at least leg pads and gloves (Black Orchid) and usually some sort of protective headgear as well. (COMIC: The Tides of Time)

People known to have kept wicket include Bernice Summerfield and Alton (PROSE: Happy Endings, Human Nature) — as well as a few people whose names weren't known. (TV: Black Orchid, PROSE: Deadly Reunion, COMIC: The Tides of Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Though unremarked in DWU fiction, a wicket keeper was perhaps the closest thing in cricket to the catcher in baseball.
  • The term is typically spelt with a hyphen in DWU fiction, but sometimes goes without. Oddly, Paul Cornell's work was edited in both ways: Goth Opera doesn't use the hyphen, but Human Nature does.
  • Additional functions of wicket-keepers that haven't appeared in DWU fiction include his or her role in stumping the batsman and in supporting outfielders to run out a batsman.

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