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Mr Wiffy was the nickname given to an alien prisoner due to his foul smell.

Biology Edit

Mr Wiffy had dark blue skin on his body and a lighter tone on his face. He also had two long horns on his head. (TV: Liberation)

History Edit

In 2050, Mr Wiffy was one of the many aliens on Earth who were captured by the Department and sent to Dauntless Prison in the Tower of London. When K9 Mark 2, Starkey, Darius Pike and Jorjie Turner broke into the prison to stop a Jixen which was making its way there, Jorjie released all the prisoners. Before they could make their escape, they were halted by June Turner, but the Jixen then appeared and threatened everyone. Starkey used June's force field device to kill the Jixen. The Department's treatment of the prisoners was leaked to the media and Dauntless Prison was closed down. All the prisoners were allowed to leave, including Mr Wiffy. (TV: Liberation)

During his imprisonment he presumably had some of his DNA taken by the Meron scientists to create Project: Trojan. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)