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Wilkie Collins was a writer who lived in Victorian era England and was a friend of Charles Dickens. About 1865, Dickens told him part of the story of the night he tried to visit Montague's toyshop. Dickens and an inebriated Collins cautiously approached the building in June of that year only to find it had long since burned down. (PROSE: The Death of Art)

The Depository had a collection of personal writing and drafts by Wilkie Collins. When one of the four bookworms affected by Barbara Cartland's alien parchment ate his writing, it identified itself as Collins. (AUDIO: The Diet of Worms)

In the Seventh Doctor's time, his TARDIS library had a well-thumbed copy of The Moonstone. (PROSE: St Anthony's Fire) Inspector Alphonse Chardalot had a copy of The Woman in White. (AUDIO: Year of the Pig)