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William Bishop was born 14 August 1945, with the full name of William Daniel Michael. (PROSE: Legacies) He had two sisters, Samantha and Michelle, and a brother, Daniel. Samantha called him "Bill" and "Billy". (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock) He was a rifleman (private) in the Green Jackets 5th Battalion stationed near Plymouth. In March 1969 he was called in to assist the pile up on the A38 Liskeard Bypass. He was assigned to Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and helped in combating the Robot Yeti in Bledoe. He took a shine to Anne Travers when he met her. He used to love reading science fiction novels when he was a kid. Lethbridge-Stewart considered Bishop to be good officer material and decided Bishop would make a good addition to the special team he planned on building. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

He remained in contact with Anne, who took to calling him "Bill" because she thought it annoyed him. But secretly he liked it. In April 1969 he was transferred from the Royal Green Jackets to the Scots Guards by General Hamilton, and promoted to lance corporal, serving as adjutant to Lethbridge-Stewart at Chelsea Barracks. He was read into the secret mission to find proof of alien incursions in the United Kingdom. He assisted Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne on Fang Rock, developing a strong friendship with Owain Vine, Lethbridge-Stewart's nephew. With Owain, he was astral projected through time and witnessed the events of 1902, including the arrival of the Rutan and the TARDIS. While on Fang Rock, a mutual affection developed between Bishop and Anne. He was electrocuted during a fight with a Rutan, but survived with only burns. He was put on the fast track course at Mons Officer Cadet Training School, to undergo officer training while serving alongside Lethbridge-Stewart. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock, TV: Horror of Fang Rock)

After Fang Rock he was assigned to uncover the secrets of the Home-Army Operational Corps by Lethbridge-Stewart, on the advice of Air Marshal Gilmore. He redacted the files, while Lethbridge-Stewart dealt with the incident at Dominex, and later presented them to Lethbridge-Stewart, helping the colonel build-up a profile for the Home-Army Fifth Operational Corps' mission. (PROSE: The Dogs of War, PROSE: Mutually Assured Domination.)

In an alternative timeline, Bishop was one of the survivors in a Southern England mostly subsumed by the Great Intelligence. He rescued Owain Vine from the Yeti in Bledoe, but shortly after his mind also became subsumed by the Intelligence. (PROSE: Legacies)

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