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The Witiku were a species of humanoids, mutated from Laylorans.

Biology Edit

The Witiku were two metre high humanoids covered in thick dense fur. They had sharp fangs, red eyes, and four long arms ending in three taloned fingers. The talons were 30 centimetres long and were retractable. Witiku displayed pack behaviour and signs of creatures with low intelligence, yet had coordinated, goal oriented attacks. They were allergic to Jinnera. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise)

History Edit

The Witiku were linked to the ancient past of Laylora, and were historical figures who came when disaster happened on the planet. When the Tenth Doctor and Rose came to Laylora, they were attacked by several Wikitu. The villagers, however, eventually found out that they had a weakness to Jinnera and used Jinnera paste on spears to defeat them. After the aliens had all left, Witiku no longer appeared. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise)

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