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Wolfgang "Wolfie" Ryter (born 1993) was a companion to the Tenth Doctor.

Biography Edit

Wolfe was a bright, sixteen year old exchange student from Austria who wrote a blog about UFO sightings. At the airport one day, he found one of the planes was a monster and helped the Tenth Doctor and Heather McCrimmon defeat it. (COMIC: Flight of the Giurgeax) He left the Doctor and Heather after the three of them visited Cambodia in 1139 and Wolfie was turned into a wolf. He needed a break and the Doctor took him back to Salzburg. (COMIC: Bad Wolfie)

In the years following his travels with the Doctor, Wolfie pursued his studies in quantum physics. He was a freelance alien hunter by night like Heather. The two reunited in 2014, four years after Heather's travels with the Doctor ended. Wolfie and Heather saw the Doctor one more time, when he saved their lives and then departed to check on Rose Tyler on 1 January 2005 and face his regeneration into his eleventh incarnation. (COMIC: Lucky Heather)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Wolfgang "Wolfie" Ryter was created by twelve-year-old Hamish Gough. Wolfie was the winning creation of the second comic companion competition sponsored by Doctor Who Adventures.
  • Wolfie is the second companion to leave the TARDIS immediately after being possessed by an alien entity/intelligence. The first was Dodo Chaplet.
  • Wolfgang appeared naked in his last story Bad Wolfie. This was the first time a companion has been naked in a DWA comic strip.