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Worlds in Time (video game)

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Worlds in Time
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Main enemy: Autons, Zygons, Daleks, Cybermen, Clockwork Droids, Weeping Angels
Main setting: Earth, Skaro, New Earth, Ember, Messaline, Starship UK, Mars, Malcassairo, Alfava Metraxis
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Worldwide
Developer: Three Rings
Release details
Release date: 13 March 2012[1]
Beta release: 20 December 2011
Official trailer
Doctor Who Worlds in Time Trailer00:52

Doctor Who Worlds in Time Trailer

Worlds in Time[2] was, according to its own trailer, "the first-ever multiplayer online game" in the history of the Doctor Who franchise. It's also the first game in the franchise developed by an American company, and the first to be financially supported through micropayments. San Francisco-based Three Rings won the contract to make the game from publishers, BBC Worldwide. After enjoying a lengthy public preview period which began on 20 December 2011, the game officially shipped on 13 March 2012.[1] It was announced on 14 January 2014 that the game would be discontinued on 3 March of the same year.


The players will follow in the Doctor's footsteps, travelling through time and space, exploring alien worlds and encountering various species, and helping the Doctor save civilised cultures from various threats.


Worlds in Time is a multiplayer online game in which the players solve various puzzles and challenges in a multiplayer environment. Although free to play, many of the things needed to progress in gameplay require chronons, the in-game currency that regenerates at the rate of one every half-hour until the limit of 50 is reached. This limit can be exceeded by purchasing more with real money.

The game also has a purely social aspect. According to a BBC spokesman, the game "offers players a multitude of elements and opportunities to socialise ... our goal is to become the largest Doctor Who community ever assembled."[3]

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Like many MMOs, the narrative experience each player has with this game is unique. Indeed, the player can play the same scenarios over and over again, each time with a different group of player-controlled and non-player-controlled characters. The game also has a significant social aspect, which opens up the opportunity for roleplay, further customising the player experience. Thus, there is no singular narrative which arises from Worlds in Time, and this wiki cannot consider it a valid source for the writing of in-universe articles. We strongly advise those wishing to read or edit about this game to go to WITpedia, the official DW:WIT wiki, because we simply will not cover this subject in great detail here.


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