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The Wraith Warriors were fictional blood red worms from the Wraith World novels who came to life because their story was written on Sionic Paper.

The Wraith Warriors were invented by Gregory P. Wilkinson in his second Wraith World novel. Wraith Warriors were only strong when they acted together and appeared as a warrior figure. During vibrations, like earth quakes the body of the warrior broke down into individual worms. Like this the Wraith Warriors could be defeated more easily.

The Wraith Warriors came to life after Gregory P. Wilkinson had written down the Wraith World novels on a journal which was made of Sionic Paper. The Wraith Warriors attacked a 18 year old girl next to a playground. Hank Carter made them attack Sarah Jane Smith and her team.

Rani and Gregory P. Wilkinson later used the journal to change the story. They wrote that the Wraith Warriors attacked Hank Carter and pushed him back to his own dimension. Hank Carter and the Wraith Warriors were sealed in the journal. Then the journal was burned. (AUDIO: Wraith World)