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Wrarth Warrior
Biological type: Insectoid
Affiliated with: Star Council, Wrarth Institute
Place of origin: Wrarth Galaxy
Notable individuals:
First seen in: Doctor Who and the Star Beast
The Wrarth Warriors were a police force created by the Star Council specifically to deal with the Meeps.

Biology Edit

The Wrarth Warriors were created from the five strongest species of the Wrarth Galaxy. They were arthropods, with a tough exoskeleton. With their external skeleton acting as a skelo-shield they had formidable strength. Their eyes were like large lights and gave them excellent infra-red night vision (susceptible to ultra-white light). Their teeth were razor-sharp and their tongue were developed with digits to secure their food. They had a giant detachable claw on the left arm and a five digit tendrilled hand on the right. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

History Edit

During the war with the Meeps, the Wrarth Warriors were created by the Star Council to combat them. Following the Battle of Yarras, the Meeps were defeated, but their leader, Beep, escaped. Circa 1980, Constable Zreeg and Sergeant Zogroth were sent in to try to find him. They both arrived on Earth and with the Fourth Doctor's help Beep was taken into custody. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

After Beep's plan to take over Earth with his show Beep and Friends failed, the Sixth Doctor planned to contact the Wrarth Warriors to pick him up. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In their initial story, the recaps for each part frequently misspelled their name as "Wrath" Warriors.

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