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You may be looking for the Wyatt of the main universe.

In a parallel universe visited by the Third Doctor, Private Wyatt was an RSF soldier stationed at the Inferno Project at the Eastchester Scientific Labour Camp. By the time the Doctor was thrown into the parallel universe, Wyatt had become infected by Stahlman's ooze and was beginning to mutate into a Primord.

When a group of RSF soldiers led by Platoon Under-Leader Benton chased the Doctor to a power plant, Wyatt attempted to attack the Doctor. However, on Benton's orders to shoot the Doctor on sight, a RSF soldier saw Wyatt and mistook him for the Doctor and fired at Wyatt. The shots caused Wyatt to fall from the tower to his death. (TV: Inferno)

Behind the scenes Edit

The stunt of Wyatt falling from the tower was not performed by Derek Ware (who had been a stuntman on Doctor Who since An Unearthly Child in 1963) due to concerns that he might be injured, as he was also needed for studio recording. His place was taken by fellow stuntman Roy Scammell, who strangely also played the part of the RSF soldier who shoots Wyatt down. (DWM 305)