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Also called: Xeraphas
Type: Planet
Natives: Xeraphin

Xeriphas, or Xerophas, (PROSE: Time-Flight) was the homeworld of the psychic Xeraphin race. 140 million years BC, Xeriphas was caught in the cross-fire of the Vardon-Kosnax War and devastated by radiation. The fleeing Xeraphin merged into a gestalt and left for Earth. By the early 1980s, Xeriphas had returned to normal and the Fifth Doctor said that they could return. The Master ended up trapped there. (TV: Time-Flight) He found the android Kamelion there, left over from previous invaders of the planet, and decided to use Kamelion for his own purposes. (TV: The King's Demons)

Iris Wildthyme had escaped from Xeraphas prior to visiting Hyspero. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress)

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