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Yani Mamora was a big fan of "the Doctor" from Doctor Who? from Gharusa Prime. She was seventeen cycles old.

She was a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society and was very excited when she met the Ninth Doctor. She was a devoted fan of "the Doctor" and was willing to stand up for him, throwing herself in front of the Chumbley attempting to attack the Doctor. She was knocked unconscious by the attack; the Doctor mused that it may "knock some sense into her", but later admitted that he admired her willingness to stick up for others.

The Doctor later gave Estiva a message to pass along to Yani, apologizing for being rude and telling her to make something fantastic out of her life rather than obsessing over "idiots like [him]", claiming that he was her number one fan.

She wore a black leather jacket, a green V-neck t-shirt, and a navy blue skirt. She ironically matched not with "the Doctor" of Doctor Who?, who wore a blue turtleneck, but the real Ninth Doctor and his exact attire when he touched down on Gharusa Prime. (COMIC: Doctormania)