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The Yesodi were the original inhabitants of the gas giant Yesod. Bernice Summerfield described them as "radioactive globs of orange, jellyfish goo". (PROSE: After Life)

After being put through the history machine, Hass' history was changed so that he had always been a Yesodi. (PROSE: After Life) While he generally needed to stay inside a containment suit to live outside Yesod, Hass had access to a pocket dimension in the mansionhouse which simulated the atmosphere, pressure, and gravity of Yesod. (AUDIO: Summer of Love, The Wake) Hass could choose to prevent his suit from venting off his natural radiation, allowing it to accumulate to levels that were deadly to other lifeforms when released. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information, Escaping the Future)

Sometime after the 27th century, the Yesodi were driven away from Yesod by the Yesodites. (AUDIO: The Wake)