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Type: County
Location: North-East England
Yorkshire was a traditional county in the north of England. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

In 1820-1898 Florence Sundvik was an inhabitant of the village of Maiden's Point. Mary Eliza Millington was born in the village, but died four days after her birth in 1898. (TV: The Curse of Fenric)

In 1893, Winifred Gillyflower founded the community of Sweetville in the county. The Eleventh Doctor and Clara investigated a series of deaths in the area, which he referred to as "the Crimson Horror". (TV: The Crimson Horror)

The Tenth Doctor and Donna took Agatha Christie to the Yorkshire town of Harrogate in 1926 to recover after her encounter with the Vespiform. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

As a student, Polly Wright frequently visited the Yorkshire Moors. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

In 1998, when Jason Kane was fifteen, he ran away from his abusive father and spent two and a half years wandering around Yorkshire, Centrepoint and Mile End. (PROSE: Death and Diplomacy)

Martin Chisom grew rhubarb in Yorkshire and pondered if the vegetable had ever been worshipped there. (PROSE: Lost in the Wakefield Triangle)

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