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You may be looking for Zarb.

The Great Zarb was a Wallarian wrestler. Shirna and Vorg met him at the instellar exhibition, where Zarb gave Shirna and Vorg a micrographed document.

Sometime later Vorg and Shirna were at a space port on Inter Minor. Vorg and Shira wanted to get an entrance visa, but their application was rejected by the Inter Minorian officials. Pletrac told them that they would be allotted space on the following outbound cargo thruster. However Vorg and Shirna had already spent their last credit bar on the journey to Inter Minor. Since Vorg didn't know what to do, he showed Pletrac the micrographed document of Zarb, passing it of as a document micrographed by the president Zarb. However, Peltrac later discovered it was a fake. (TV: Carnival of Monsters)