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We don't know the name of this thing.

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Zazz's Moon

The moon of Zazz. (COMIC: The Gift)

Zazz's moon was frequently pelted by meteorites.

Monektoni Shug crashed his spacecraft on the moon. A Servatron survived the crash and began building self-replicating robots. They soon developed a city on the moon. A robot was taken back to Zazz and began increasing its numbers to the point at which it became a plague. The Sixth Doctor lured them into a rocket and sent them back to the moon.

Robot city

The city. (COMIC: The Gift)

The city was the only structure on the moon; it took twenty generations to build. It had sloping pathways leading up to it.

The city had large announcement systems for emitting a recall signal; this was used to warn against impending meteorite showers. The robots would then return to the city and hide in the catacombs. The city was destroyed by a large meteorite. (COMIC: The Gift)