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Zebras were Earth-native mammals related to horses. In the wild, they were natural prey for lions. (PROSE: Birthright)

The First Doctor once commented upon an engraving found aboard the Ark that apparently depicted a two-headed zebra. (TV: The Ark)

Redvers Fenn-Cooper had killed at least one zebra. He took its head as a trophy and had it displayed on a wall in Gabriel Chase in 1883. (TV: Ghost Light)

On a planet in another dimension, partially inhabited by ex-Tellac miners, K9 discovered some zebra living amongst a whole kingdom of Earth animals from widely different periods of evolutionary history. (PROSE: K9 and the Missing Planet)

The Second Doctor and Jamie once used a herd of animals — which included zebras — to stampede a group of Quarks. (COMIC: Jungle of Doom)

The Seventh Doctor and Ace saw zebras living in the Ngorogoro Crater in March 1926. (PROSE: Prelude Birthright)

The genetic cousin of the zebra, according to both the Tenth Doctor and The I-Spyder Book of Earth Creatures, was the quagga, a brown-and-white striped variant that went extinct on Earth in the 19th century. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

Zebras were among the animals on board the Ark circa 10,000,000. (PROSE: The Ark)

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