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Zezanne was the daughter of Miranda Dawkins, and therefore technical granddaughter of the Eighth Doctor. After escaping the destruction of the Council of Eight's Time Station in the Jonah with Soul, they suffered complete amnesia. They landed in a London junkyard in a version of 1963, history, and the Jonah changed appearance to that of a Metropolitan police box. Soul, after taking the form of an old man, believed he was called the Doctor, and Zezanne decided she was his granddaughter. They began to travel together in that universe, one of the many alternates now free and wild in the Post-War universe. (PROSE: Sometime Never...)

Behind the scenes

Zezanne, in both name and her status as the Eighth Doctor's granddaughter, is an obvious reference to (or even a possible origin for) Susan, whose name was originally "Suzanne" when envisioned as an alien princess. Zezanne was a princess, her mother Miranda being Empress of the Universe on the Needle.