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Zhe Ikiyuyu was an artist on the planet Ouloumos. They were trained on Logopolis in Block Transfer Computation, which they used to create block transfer sculptures.

They held parties on their private moon, one of which was attended by the Fourth Doctor. Facing criticism of their works, they withdrew their block transfer sculptures from the Pentaquoteque Gallery and exiled themselves to their private retreat on the moon.

Zhe used body augmentation to change between genders and forms. In need of a muse, they created a sculpture with an AI persona, which became a physical manifestation of their own self-doubt. Unable to control their creation, Zhe spent a century in a voluntary stasis. 

The Apprentice's forms became mutated and attacked the Tenth Doctor and Gabby Gonzalez during their visit to Zhe. Zhe was freed from her stasis and managed to contain the Apprentice. (COMIC: The Arts in Space)

They painted portraits of the Second and Third Doctors, which were later hung in the TARDIS art gallery. (COMIC: Lady of the Blue Box)

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