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Zog was a companion of the Sixth Doctor.

As a slave who claimed to be from Deneb IV, Zog served at the Bar Galactica run by Madame Delilah. When the Doctor, Jason and Crystal arrived, they found Karl and his mercenaries waiting for them. Crystal and Zog became friends and the travellers took Zog with them when they fled the bar. Zog continued to travel with them. (AUDIO: The Ultimate Adventure)

Zog was secretly an Aldeberian tyrant planning to enslave the universe. (PROSE: Face Value)

Behind the scenes Edit

The stage play Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure featured at various times the Third Doctor, the Sixth Doctor and a unique stage-only Doctor. On this wiki stage plays are not valid sources; therefore the audio adaptation of The Ultimate Adventure, Beyond the Ultimate Adventure, and Face Value represent Zog's travels, and these portray him travelling with Sixth Doctor.

The character also featured in Dimensions in Time.

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