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Zondal served as Varga's second-in-command. Like the other Ice Warriors under Varga's command and Varga himself, he underwent a form of accidental cryogenic suspension in the distant past and woke during a later Ice Age.

Zondal was the first warrior freed by Varga. Varga ordered him to excavate the cave in which the Ice Warrior ship was buried.

Zondal stayed behind to guard the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield while Varga, Rintan and Isbur went to the base. From outside the base Varga ordered Zondal to fire on the base. The Doctor threw ammonium sulphide at Zondal, who, though barely able to breathe, was able to lunge at the firing control and fire on the base. He remained unconscious while the Doctor worked on destroying the ship's control panel.

When Varga returned to the ship, Zondal apologised for being tricked by the Doctor and allowing him to wreck the controls.

Along with the rest of the crew, he died when the Ice Warriors' ship exploded after the ioniser had been fired. (TV: The Ice Warriors)

Behind the scenes

Zondal is given the rank of lieutenant in the novelisation.