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Zone 10 was the second audio story in the second season of the Big Finish Torchwood series. It featured Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato for the first time in the series.

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They call it "Pulse" — a radio signal which has puzzled the world for 40 years. But now Toshiko Sato has solved it.

She's uncovered a message which leads her to Russia, and into an uneasy alliance with the KVI — the Russian equivalent of Torchwood. Toshiko needs to get into Zone 10 - a frozen wasteland which officially doesn't exist.

An intergalactic war was once fought in Zone 10. And it turns out there's a survivor.

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  • Maxim hums "Korobeiniki"; Tosh recognises it as the theme to Tetris, which she was obsessed with playing when she was young.
  • Anna Volokova was born in 1930. Toshiko notes that she would be 78 years old despite appearing just short of her own age.
  • The secret war between KVI and the Committee began at dawn on 5 April, 1965 and ended 32 minutes later. Maxim calls it the shortest conflict in human history.

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