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Zygon Kate Stewart

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Zygon Kate Stewart
Main aliases: Kate Stewart
Species: Zygon
Place of origin: Zygor
First seen in: The Day of the Doctor
Other appearances: TV: The Zygon Invasion
Main actor: Jemma Redgrave
Other TV actors: Aidan Cook
Main voice actor: Nicholas Briggs

An unnamed Zygon was part of the group stuck on Earth. Their ship landed in 1562, but the group retreated into a stasis cube and stayed there until the 21st century, where this Zygon took Kate Stewart's form.

In the Under-Gallery, the Zygon attacked Clara Oswald, but fell back when the latter got hold of a vortex manipulator. Later, three of the Doctors erased the memories of both the humans and their Zygon counterparts, and peace was restored. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

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