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Zygon guards (The Zygon Inversion)

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This topic might have a better name.

Should this be split into two, as Zygon guard 1 (The Zygon Inversion) and Zygon guard 2 (The Zygon Inversion), so we're covering them as individuals, with different actors?

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Zygon guards
Zygon guards (The Zygon Inversion)
Main aliases: UNIT soldiers
Species: Zygon
Job: Personal Guards
Affiliated with: Zygon High Command
Place of origin: Zygor
Appearance: The Zygon Inversion
Main actor: Aidan Cook
Other TV actors: Tom Wilton, Jack Parker
Main voice actor: Nicholas Briggs

Two Zygon guards escorted Kate Stewart, who they believed to be a Zygon, from Truth or Consequences to the Zygon pod chamber. They disguised as UNIT soldiers but, when they encountered Osgood and the Twelfth Doctor, Kate turned on them and shot them. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

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